BRGN Editorial

How a French influencer helped BRGN grow on Instagram and expand our sales. One of our founders, Ros-Mari Gaundal, is telling this story, as well as about future plans for the brand. Interview from the local paper, BA.

De fleste av oss har startet å se etter julegaver, og i håp om å gjøre denne prosessen litt enklere for deg har vi samlet våre beste tips. Tipsene er delt inn i 4 kategorier; under 500,- / under 1000,- / BRGN sko / Til en spesiell person. 
Christmas is just around the corner and most of us have started shopping for Christmas gifts. In hope of making this process easier, we have gathered our best tips in this blog post. We have divided our tips into 4 categories; under 500 NOK / under 1000 NOK / BRGN Shoes / For that special someone. 
Do you feel like the days are getting shorter by the minute? That is because they are, especially in Norway. Read more about how we mark National Reflector Day and what BRGN is doing to make sure our customers remain visible in the dark.
BRGN is proud to partner up with Fjong. Fjong is a platform where you can rent items of clothing instead of purchasing them. By partnering with Fjong, we help reduce our impact on the environment and are contributing to a more sustainable clothing industry.
BRGN Tyfon Coat er omtalt i oktoberutgaven av Elle Norge. "Tyfon Coat ser ut som en skikkelig kul kåpe, med spennende snitt og oversized passform – men det er faktisk en regnjakke. En helt rå jakke, vel å merke."
September has finally arrived, and that marks the beginning of the autumn season. We have now released all of the autumn/winter news for 2021 and wanted to make a blog post where we talked about the inspiration and thoughts that went behind creating the collection.