BRGN Editorial

Do you want to see the autumn news and this seasons colour? Click on this blog post to read more about our new rain coats for the autumn/winter season.
Vannsøyle forteller deg hvor høyt trykk med vann et stoff tåler før vannet trenger gjennom, men hva er egentlig høy vannsøyle og hva er lav? Hva burde regnjakken ha for å tåle det norske været? Og når er en jakke vanntett?
Vi nærmer oss nå 5 år jubilee, og med det i bakhodet vender vi blikket fremover og utvider bedriften. Vi har brukt 5 år på å mestre regnet i Norges våteste by, og er nå klare for å ta Oslo med storm og hjelpe kvinner og menn holde seg moteriktig, selv når det regner. 
We have all heard of the term fast fashion, but slow fashion is something that not everyone has knowledge about. So what is slow fashion? And how is it different from fast fashion?
Are you travelling to Bergen this summer, or maybe you just live there? If yes, then we have 5 tips for a dreamy summer in Bergen. Every local knows how difficult it is planning a summer vacay in Norway, without considering the weather. Well - in Bergen that is even harder. If you come across Bergens famous weather, rain, then we have a lovely store and bistro located at the Bergen train station that can give you a wonderful meal and a new rain coat. 
BRGN is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community. This year we are also supporting Bergen Pride and the Rainbow days which is having events from the 4th of June until the 12th. For this cause we have designed a special BRGN Pride Caps where we will donate the profit as we did last year. The donations goes to FRI - The Norwegian organisation of gender and sexual diversity in Bergen and Hordaland.

Get ready for summer with accessories from BRGN!

Our bags are designed to protect your valuables from all kinds of weather. So regardless if you are going to the beach, grocery store or out to a picnic. The bag will keep the rain away from what is precious!

Welcome to a digital look around. Our concept store and bistro have been our new, exciting project this last year and we know many of you haven't physically been able to come by yet, so we want to show you what we have made in this short time.