BRGN Editorial

We have some incredibly exciting news, guess who’s back? It’s Chelsea, but this time they have a new, improved spring/summer vibe as they are slightly shorter. Yes, we are delighted to introduce you to our Short Chelsea Boot. Just as waterproof, just as easy to pop on and off and perfect for warmer days and less deep puddles! 

This time of year always marks the transition from winter to spring, from cold to warm. There is a lot of rhyming mythology around this time of year from saying “ash before oak, in for a soak; oak before ash, in for a splash” and “April showers bring May flowers.” Why is this period so defined by the pouring or not-pouring of rain, and how can we help?
Sustainability is one of our core principles and something we constantly consider and think about. Our aim as a company is to embrace the slow fashion movement and reject fast fashion. The fashion industry thrives on newness and consumption, paradoxical to sustainability. We do everything in our power to ensure that we combat this. 
Dubbed “the plastic straw of fashion”, plastic hangers have had a devastating impact on the industry’s carbon footprint. Humans produce roughly 300 billion kilograms of plastic per year and despite efforts to use less single use plastic, there is still a long way to go. The main question regarding plastic hangers is, are they necessary?
We are a gender inclusive company, supporting the women around us in every way possible. We know women’s day is coming up, but this year we thought we deserve more than a day!
Co-founder of BRGN and designer Karine Lunde tells you a little more about her inspirations and the exciting new designs you can expect from us.

We have been on an adventure. BRGNs designer Karine and digital marketer Angela went on a trip to the Atlantic Ocean Road, join us behind the scenes at a photoshoot this autumn.

This is the question you all are asking, and understandably. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands (or feet) on these gorgeous and waterproof leather boots? Here is a list of the retailers who will sell Chelsea Boots this winter.