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September has finally arrived, and that marks the beginning of the autumn season. We have now released all of the autumn/winter news for 2021 and wanted to make a blog post where we talked about the inspiration and thoughts that went behind creating the collection.

We have interviewed Karine Lunde the co-founder of BRGN and head designer, and Ida Christiansen, one of our designers. We want to give you an in debt description of the inspiration that went behind the collection, new fabrics, this seasons colure and more. The interview starts after the collection photo. 

You can shop the Autumn/Winter 21 collection by clicking HERE 

What is the inspiration behind this collection?

The AW21 collection is inspired by Scandinavian nature and the earthy colours tones we see during the autumn. In contrast, we have used bright green in the details, inspired by the northern lights that sometimes appear in the darkest months. 

Are there any new coats this season?

There are three new coats this season. These are Tyfon, Kuling and Orkan. 

The Tyfon coat is a long coat with a cloak - a kind of super-hero piece made to celebrate the anniversary collection "5 years of mastering the elements". The Tyfon coat is made with our new fabric, Tweed. The Kuling poncho is a shorter variant of the classic Bris Poncho, making it the perfect poncho for the autumn weather. 

The Orkan Coat is our new rain-jacket for men. It has a sleek design with a classic point collar and a detachable hood. The perfect jacket for the shifting autumn weather. The hood can make the jacket go from informal too formal in 2 seconds. 

What is the new fabric this season?

The new fabric this season is tweed. We have launched both jackets and accessories in the fabric. 

Tweed fabric was originally inspired by nature and for our AW21 collection we have made the classic herringbone pattern in earthy autumn tones. This fabric has a high performance - it is waterproof and breathable, a durable fabric that is perfect for harsh weather.

What's new in Footwear?

We are excited to release new sneakers this season. We want to keep your feet dry from all the puddles, so we made waterproof sneakers that come in two colours. This way you can wear sneakers all year round and even when it is raining.
The popular Chelsea boot can now be found in three different heights, where the latest variant reaches you up to the knees. We have also made new colours in the two other sizes so that they can match any outfit this fall.


Are there any added categories this season?

For AW21 we are introducing a leisure concept with versatile products that can be used both in the city or the mountains. Made from only natural fibers in a luxurious mix of soft merino wool and organic cotton - these pieces are perfect for layering all year around. The midlayer halfzip and round neck sweater fits perfectly underneath the heavier blazer. Top it off with a beanie and scarf, and you are fully covered.

What's new in accessories this season? 
In this collection we are introducing Neck warmers. The new Neck warmer comes in a twill fabric with a soft recycled fleece lining. You can easily slip it over your head and wear under your coat or just over your sweater. It¬īs the perfect all season solution, designed with a front zipper and high collar that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable through any weather.
What is your favourite piece(s) from the collection? 

My favourite pieces from this collection are the Tyfoon Coat and High Leather Boots - they both got me covered + I feel like one of the cast members in The Crown when I am out in nature walking my dog.
I use the coat and boots when I am out in the woods, commuting to work and when I am going out with friends. My favourite part is that I can get away with being underdressed with comfy basics because the coat and boots are a statement outfit on their own.

My favourite product in this collection is Tyfon coat in green tweed. I love the combination of the beautiful and classic tweed fabric together with the oversized silhouette and cape detail. I also love S√łlepytt sneakers in camel. They are so light weight, with reflective shoelaces and a fun mix of colours. My last but not least favourite is Vindkast Blazer. The luxe quality, big sleeves and notched collar is a dream come true.

You can shop the Autumn/Winter 21 collection by clicking HERE 

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