The first weather forecast are in and it looks like some of us are not having a white Christmas this year. Did you know; the opposite of white Christmas is traditionally known as a “green Christmas”? (1)

To highlight that a Christmas with no snow is still Christmas, we want to show you some green products you can wear in the city. The products are all waterproof, so you can stay dry while looking stylish. 

Wonderful Coats for the Holiday Season

BRGN coats are made to look like regular coats, but they have a trick up their sleeve. All our new coats are waterproof (20.000 + W/P). This means they can withstand heavy rain and even a high-pressure water hose.

Bris Poncho - Rosin (Dark Green)

If you walk around the city with this poncho when it is raining, everyone will wonder how you can look this fabulous without getting soaking wet. This jacket will definitely be a subject during the Christmas dinner. 

One of our bestselling models is our Bris Poncho. It has a zipper all the way in the front, so you don`t have to drag it over your head and a belt so you can tie it around your waist. 

Hagl Coat - Rosin (Dark Green)

The Hagl Coat will highlight your Christmas outfit and ensure that you show up dry and lokking stunning. The coat has a favourable fit and 80 gsm insulation so you can stay warm walking to the Christmas dinner. 

Keep your gifts dry - and your neck too

If you are going to make it to the Christmas dinner completely dry and with all your gifts intact you need some waterproof accessories. 

BRGN Shopper Bag - Green Tweed

This bag will fit all your Christmas gifts and keep them dry. If you want to have a colour that contrast the jacket the bag also comes in camel tweed, black tweed, thai curry and camo print. 

Neck Warmer - Green Tweed

If you want something warm around your neck, but it is to rainy for your scarf this waterproof neck warmer is a great option. You can also get in the colours black tweed, blue tweed and camel tweed.  

Solregn Caps - Green Tweed

All our coats either have a hidden hood in the collar or a detachable hood. If the rain is pouring you can always put up your hood. If you don´t like wearing your hood we can recommend our waterproof cap as an option. It also comes in the colours dark navy, grey melange and lizard green

Have a lovely "green" Christmas or white if you are lucky enough to get snow. We have also written a blogpost about which products works well in the cold. Click here to read it. 

1. Source: Wikipedia

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