Need for Tweed

Need for Tweed


The name "Tweed"
is told to be created by a mistake. The story tells us about a British textile dealer that misspelled the Scottish word tweel, which comes from the word twilled. Damn you autocorrect. Anyway, tweed it is - and what an amazing story this pattern has!



After World War I, Scottish economy was bad, and many large Scottish properties were sold to rich Englishmen. The Scots are famous for their traditional Scottish tartan, which often has followed the family history for generations. The Englishmen obviously didn’t have the rights for their own tartan, but like the Scottish, they also wanted a pattern that would belong to the property. In addition, they needed both functional and durable garments. The tweed fabric was perfect for that, and as a bonus, it turned out to be a great camouflage when hunting in the Scottish Highlands



Later, Coco Chanel
was inspired by tweed during a fishing trip in Scotland. She started using the characteristic pattern in Chanels collections, and it has grown to be one of the signature patterns for House of Chanel. Year after year, tweed is presented on the catwalks around the world. There is no doubt, that tweed is here to stay.


Of course, BRGN By Lunde & Gaundal,
is also on this trend. You will actually find 3 different styles in this fabric. Bris Poncho Coat, Blest Peacoat and my favorite, El Coat. These coats are incredible cool paired with main trend this fall; checks, knits and snake patterns. Love it

Tweed Trench + Knits + Snake patterns
one of my favourite from this fall .........


Our mix it up with the bold and small checks
one of my favourite from this fall .........

A need for Tweed
one of my favourite from this fall .........

Julie Hole.   

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