Pastel Love

Pastel Love

Pastel Love 



I’m a huge fan of BRGN. That’s probably a well known fact by now. I absolutely love the coats - but also the hats, the shoes and the bags. I love that they are bold when it comes to both shapes and colours. You might remember the jacket I wrote about in my last blogpost? I mean, that orange gives me so much life!



I’ve always loved to surround myself with colours, both in interior and clothing. This spring I prefer the pastel colour scheme. I was so pleased to see the colour of the new STORM COAT. It’s an oversized frock in the most amazing blue, called Blue Haze. It’s so pretty and goes perfectly with my spring wardrobe - which consists of soft shades of purple, yellow and washed denim. This coat really complements them all.



Once again BRGN amazes me with their design. This coat is so different from all the others. It’s both long and oversized. It’s especially oversized around the waist and hip area, which gives it a really cool look - both open and closed. The coat has a belt which gives you multiple ways to style it. You can tie the belt both front and back. Also love the fact that the arms are narrow. Since the coat is so long, it protects you from all kinds of weather. Perfect here on the west coast of Norway.





I’ve been playing around with STORM COAT for awhile now, and found my favourite way to wear it; without the belt. I removed the belt entirely and use it like this both open and closed. When it’s closed you really get that oversized look, which I love. This coat adds such a cool vibe to any outfit. You should definitely check it out!


Love Julie


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