SS21: Interview with the Designer

SS21 Collection BRGN

With spring just around the corner and our spring/summer collection for 2021 launching, we’ve interviewed Karine Lunde, the co-founder of BRGN and designer of this season's collection. Here, she tells you a little more about her inspirations and the exciting new designs you can expect from us.

What is the inspiration behind this collection? 

Like with every collection, I was inspired by the Scandinavian light and the Norwegian West coast’s nature. This time I’ve used more of the forest greens and sparked it up with some light blue sky.

Are there new fabrics in this collection? 

We have two new fabrics this spring. The first is a Bouclé fabric. Bouclé jackets were made famous by Coco Chanel in the 1950s. January 2021 marks 50 years since she passed away, so I chose the fabric in memory of this amazing pioneer in fashion. We also have a new 3 Layer fabric which I just love. It’s a mix of recycled nylon and polyester which makes it a sustainable and strong material. It’s much heavier than our other materials and is bonded with a soft jersey fabric which means there’s no need for a loose lining inside. 

BRGN bouclé fabric

Why have you chosen new fabrics? 

Every style I design will look different depending on the fabric. So this new material was used for new styles and also to give existing styles a new look.

Which colours have you gone for this season? 

The new colours this season are light olive green, light blue and a little hint of coral in the Bouclé fabric. My personal favourite is the new olive called “lizard green” as it goes with almost everything!

BRGN Lizard Green Lyn Coat

Any updates on the Chelsea Boots? 

We do have a pre-launch for a shorter Chelsea this spring – perfect with skirts and wide pants for summer, so keep an eye out.

What is your personal favourite in this collection? 

My favourite this season (of which I’ve been wearing the sample almost every day for half a year now) is the Lyn Coat – our new heavyweight champion with a detachable hood.

You can shop this seasons collection here.

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