Suit up - with YR!

Suit up - with YR!
I love a good suit. When I get to choose it is of course a colorful one. I love how different styles of clothing can make you feel completely different things. When I wear suits I feel empowered, important and ready to take on the world - and of course; it makes me feel pretty damn cool.
But, and this is a big but, it is so difficult to find a jacket to go with it. Either the style or the color is too much. It is rarely weather for just wearing a blazer as a jacket here on the West Coast of Norway. You will need some kind of jacket to wear over it.

My go to for this kind of outfit is typically a short Trench Coat. Just sassy enough. My problem then is that they almost always just come in hundred different shades of brown and beige - or plaid. It is so hard to find anything else, what is up with that? I would not want to wear a brown Trench Coat to a colorful outfit like this.
I was so happy when I discovered this new color from BRGN; White putty. The color is so pretty - and kind of girly - with a touch of pink. I actually feel the color changes a bit, depending on the lights.
BRGN have made different styles in this color and I was so pleased to see that they also included a short trench coat, YR COAT. For a colorful soul like myself this jacket will for sure be a go to this season.



Love Julie


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