Travel letter from Atlanterhavsveien

Travel letter from Atlanterhavsveien
Sunrise in Kristiansund
We have been on an adventure! Join us behind the scenes at a photoshoot this autumn.

In between lockdowns and restrictions here in Bergen, a few members of the BRGN-team were able to finally get to Kristiansund for a photoshoot. We were joined by photographers Helle Frogner and Lindsey Bundschun as well as make-up artist Birgit Flønes. The models are Maria Krogen and Vilfred Tranvåg.

Chapel and haunted house

It was an autumn day in October that BRGNs designer Karine Lunde Trellevik and digital marketer Angela Schrøder went on a trip to the Atlantic Ocean Road in Kristiansund. What Karine failed to mention to Angela beforehand, was that they were going to stay at this kind of haunted house in the middle of nowhere, with a chapel as the next-door neighbor.

Meeting the others

Panorama view

During the first day of the trip, nothing out of the ordinary happened. They traveled well and safely, got to the house, met the others and prepared for the day to come. The light and weather were of course perfect on this first evening, and all they could hope for in the following day as well.

Model and photographers

Luckily, the sun does not rise too early in October in here in Norway, getting up for the sunrise were therefore no problem. They had about 30 outfits to shoot during that one day, with the two models who were in town for the occasion. It was a tight schedule but working with such professionals in every step made the day go by as smooth as butter on a warm toast.

Technical Beauty

Center image: Angela is to the left and Karine to the right.

The outfits contained a mix of autumn / winter news from this year, as well as shooting the new looks that are going to launch during spring / summer 2021. #teaseralert Outdoors it was around 6 degrees Celsius, but with heated cars and pocket warmers they (read: the model) got through the day wearing nothing but coats and stockings. Also, the light was just as perfect on this day as the one before.

Technical Beauty by BRGN

The theme for our shoot was “Technical Beauty”, trying to combine the awe-inspiring Norwegian nature with man-created elements such as the Atlantic Ocean Road. At BRGN we always want to convey the message that our coats have high technical features and still remain beautiful and fashionable in every sense possible.

Camera clicks

Waving goodbye

The images will be ready soon, stay up to date on our Instagram account. We cannot wait to show you the results of this little adventure!

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