Women's Month

Women's Month

Needless to say, this last year has been a turbulent one for everyone, but especially for women across the world. There have been ups, like the fact that the USA now has its first-ever female vice president. However, there have also been many downs. COVID-19 has hit hard. The impact of a crisis is never gender-neutral, and COVID-19 is no exception. Despite 70% of health workers being women, there is still an overall gender pay gap of 28%. Women have a stronger presence, (510 million globally) in industries hit hardest by lockdowns and quarantines; food service, retail and entertainment. COVID-19 has highlighted inequality like nothing else and increased the extremity between rich and poor. Although much progress has been made, there are still many areas of the world where gender equality has a long way to go.  

We are a gender inclusive company, supporting the women around us in every way possible. We know women’s day is coming up, but this year we've decided we deserve more than a day! So, for the next month, from 8th February until 8th March we want to celebrate all the wonderful women who are part of the BRGN family. We’ve asked the women who work in the company and who we have collaborated with four questions relating to the last year, how it has changed the way they think and the way they now live their lives. 

We will share their answers on our Instagram stories and spread some positivity for the next month. Hopefully, this will provide some inspiration as well as a feeling of togetherness, showing that however alone we may sometimes feel, it is never really the case. 

Today in Bergen, rules have got stricter and everything has closed again, making it even more relevant that we reflect, and in the process, write our own love letter to all the women who have made BRGN the company it is today. Stay tuned! 

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