5 ways to dress more eco-friendly this Christmas

5 ways to dress more eco-friendly this Christmas

The party season is upon us. We are ready to dress ourselves in all the glitter and glam and party like it’s 1999! Here are four ways to dress in an eco-friendlier way:

1: Wear something you already own

Do you “have to” shop something new for every occasion, or are you like the rest of us and already own a stacked closet? People will probably not remember that one time you wore it previously. Even better, make a statement if someone comments it. We promise you; it will only be received with smiles and admiration.

2: Borrow from a friend or rent an item on Fjong

If you are too sick of your existing wardrobe, a good friend will probably lend you something without hesitation. Maybe you are looking for something in particular, then we recommend having a look at Fjong where all kinds of items are available for rent. And yes, you can rent BRGN coats there as well.

Hagl Coat, Tåke Coat from BRGN

3: Repair an old item

Many of us have that one dress where the zipper is broken, but we love it too much to get rid of. If you are waiting for a sign to finally get it fixed, this is it. Repairing something is much more eco-friendly than purchasing a new item. Have a look at the talented Repairable, or search for something in your area. The internet has all the answers.

4: Be on the lookout for eco-certified labels. 

Keep your eyes open to eco-certified labels or items of clothing, for instance Bluesign®. "Bluesign traces each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product." (1) All BRGN coats are Bluesign®-certified. 

5: Last but not least; handle your existing wardrobe with care

Make sure to always follow washing instructions on delicate items. Protect your outfit against all kinds of weather by topping it with a BRGN coat, which we promise will make you look stylish and will last throughout the years to come.  

Read more about Product Care for BRGN items here. 


Now you are ready to take the party with storm and maybe even a new love for your older items? Happy partying and stay safe.






1: https://www.bluesign.com/en 


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