National Reflector Day

National Reflector Day

According to the Norwegian Transport Safety Agency “Trygg Trafikk”, more than 1,7 million Norwegians have experienced near accidents due to lack of reflector use. The line between an accident and severe accident is thin. Research shows that only 4 out of 10 adults, use reflectors, and adults above 30 are the worst.

Most accidents happen in the cities, and when people are crossing the streets. If you are not wearing a reflector, a driver, moving in 50 km/h will only have 2 seconds to react. If you are wearing a reflector, the driver will have 8-10 precious seconds more. 

Every year, the National Reflector day is highlighted to remind you that we are entering a darker time of the year, with difficult view for those using the roads. This year Reflector Day is on Thursday, October 18.

My first thought when I hear the word reflector, is not exactly fashion. I will be the first to admit that I have not been particularly good at using reflectors in recent years.

If you are outside running, you always use a reflective vest, but when you are not, it is on its hanger the rest of the week. For me, jackets made of solid reflective material and hats knitted with reflective thread is not appealing, I am sorry to say. 

At BRGN by Lunde & Gaundal, they have taken the reflector to the next level. In a tasteful and cool way, they have integrated the reflectors several places on their products. Making you visible both from the back and front. The reflectors are as good as camouflaged – so you don’t need to worry about compromising on style to stay safe. 

The BRGN coats, are equipped with reflectors at the bottom of the back, on the sleeves, and at the end of the belts. The shoes have reflective shoe laces, and the shoulder bags has a reflective piping all the way around.


It’s important to remember that reflectors are consumables, and scratches can damage the reflection. Check your family’s reflectors.

Make yourself visible – Use Reflectors !


Julie Hole 




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