“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!”

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!”

Robin Williams

On the Norwegian West Coast, spring is just as much a feeling as a change in weather. It rains a lot in Bergen, but not every day. During parts of the year we also experience shorter or longer periods without rain. However, something special happens inside us Norwegians when these days without rain appears in end of February, beginning of March. The light reappears, the temperatures rise and maybe even the sun shows up.

I am one of those people whom start looking forward to Christmas already in October. Same with Spring; I get a tingling feeling in my stomach already in February. Spring is on its way. First shown in small volatile moments here and there. Later in March, he’ll stay for a longer period – sometimes for several days. At this point, I start to get confident he’ll stay. When he then finally leaves, I dear trust that he will not be gone for long. You see what I mean? It is almost like an affair, a fierce crush every year at the same time. I love Spring.


As most relationships through life, my relationship with spring also has some «rainy days» - It wouldn’t have been a real relationship if not, would it? I say: Bring them on. 



With my DUGG PARKAS in colour PUMPKIN I’m ready for an extra celebration these days. I love the straight cut on this style, and combined with the vivid colour, I find this coat amazing. It fits all combinations, both sober but also more colourful outfits.

The Colour Orange is said to be jovial, playful and happy. The darker shades of it, are exotic and exciting. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a relationship like that? I dress up in Spring, go out, and shout:
Let’s Party!


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