SS22: Interview with our designers

SS22: Interview with our designers

The BRGN Spring/Summer collection just launched, and we see that our customers are instantly loving it. From the popping colours of Steel Blue and Pale Banana, to new accessories made to lift your outfit and showcase your personal style.And if that wasn't enough - The cousin of our popular Chelsea Boots just dropped; our brand new BRGN Loafers!

Let's go somewhere

The inspiration for the SS22 collection are the journeys we take in our everyday life as well as weekend escapes and holiday travels. We wanted to create products that elevate the feeling of traveling again after two years of lockdowns and restrictions. With hyper practical and mega beautiful accessories and new styles, we added some popping colours to elevate the feelings of brighter days and what feels like a newfound freedom in life.

Feminine and versatile

Rossby Coat is a feminine piece with balloon sleeves. “We wanted to create a beautiful piece which is also versatile in ways of styling. To do this; we designed it with a detachable belt so you can style it either very feminine with a bowtie or to wear without a belt for a more androgynous look”, our designer Ida shares.

Skyet Coat is a new trench in our line-up. We are getting back to the office space again and prefer to look and feel-good no matter the weather. With round shapes and a scrunch-belt, this coat is great for commuting again.

Customise your style

Speaking of belts – after many requests from our customers, we launched BRGN Buckle Belts to make it possible to create an even more personal style with our products. How about matching your existing coat in Lizard Green with a Buckle Belt in Pale Banana? “The colours go so well together”, Ida sais exitedly.

BRGN Bris Poncho - Lizard Green styling

Chelsea's cousin

For the BRGN-shoe lovers out there, we designed Loafers for spring and summer. Imagine being out on a bright sunny day, finally getting some sunlight on those pale legs, when it suddenly starts raining seemingly out of nowhere. That’s when you are glad to wear BRGN Loafers, still looking stylish and fashionable, but without getting your feet wet.

Unisex pants

This season we introduced two “unisex” styles; the Tåkerim Pants which are the perfect rain-pants for everyday wear. “Use it when out on you bike or going on a hiking trip in the rain, the press buttons on the legs are perfect for bicycling!” designer and co-founder Karine shares.

His and hers

Sollys Vest is created in a unisex look, with a boxy style and recycled padding. Wear it with a buckle belt for a more feminine look, or on top of a coat to stay warm and dry during the colder mornings and evenings.

What about the men's styles?

For the men we have Sip Men’s Jacket, a casual everyday coat. Sip is what you wear when when the weather is surprisingly shifty or for those late summer nights out with friends.

Sip Men's Jacket styling

Sustainability in front

As we work towards a more sustainable future and reduce our footprint, we are introducing a new fabric which is 100% recycled. All our coats and accessories are still BlueSign Certified, so whichever products you choose, you can do so with a good conscience.

Where are you headed?

With several new styles as well as carry over items in brand new colours, we hope you are inspired to travel again, either to and from work or go on weekend trips with friends. Right now, it feels like an endless sea of possibilities and BRGN will be with you come rain or shine.

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