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All of our jackets & coats are waterproof.

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Do you feel like the days are getting shorter by the minute? That is because they are, especially in Norway. Read more about how we mark National Reflector Day and what BRGN is doing to make sure our customers remain visible in the dark.
BRGN is proud to partner up with Fjong. Fjong is a platform where you can rent items of clothing instead of purchasing them. By partnering with Fjong, we help reduce our impact on the environment and are contributing to a more sustainable clothing industry.

BRGN er inne i en spennende fase med vekst og utvikling. Selskapet søker en dyktig Salgs- og eksportsjef som vil være en vesentlig bidragsyter til at selskapet oppnår sine ambisiøse salgsmål. Stillingen inngår i selskapets ledergruppe.