Looking Back To Look Forwards

Looking Back To Look Forwards

Although we generally try to avoid cliche's, this year has been nothing if not a rollercoaster. However, despite the obvious negatives and setbacks that COVID-19 has brought us, we want to use the lull between Christmas and New Years Eve to look back at what we have managed to achieve in this turbulent year. 


We have had a tiny team for the last few years, with four of us scrambling to do everything. This year, we managed to expand our little BRGN family to fourteen. We looked far and wide to find people who love our brand as much as we do and stand for our values. We are delighted with the team now and look forward to accelerating full-throttle into 2021. 

This summer, we also expanded into the British market where we've had a really positive response. Luckily for us, it rains in the UK almost as much as it does in Norway, so we look forward to more rainy days and dry customers over there.

Boot Ballistic

2020 is the year of the boot, the Chelsea Boot. When we launched these, we were completely blown away by the response. It doesn't seem possible to keep them in stock for more than a day at a time! We are so grateful for your support and promise to have more of these babies in the new year.

Shop & Bistro

It's here! We finally have our very own store & bistro, We Are BRGN. It has always been a dream of ours to open a store in Bergen's train station, and to manage to do so in 2020 is something we are very proud of. Of course, the opening party is something we can hopefully look forward to in 2021. The bistro has an excellent selection of food, wine, snacks, coffee and much more. Pop by!

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We hope you all had an excellent Christmas and look forward to a new year with more exciting news! 

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