A french influencer & future plans for BRGN

A french influencer & future plans for BRGN


Article from BA. Emilie is wearing Yr Coat in Grey Melange and Bris Poncho in Dark Navy.

French influencer @emiliebrunette dressed in BRGN

BRGN is represented in the print version of the local newspaper BA today, November 15th. One of our founders, Ros-Mari Gaundal, is interview in regards to our expansion to France and United Kingdom as well as our future plans.

The article is in Norwegian, the short version of the story is this:

In March this year, the same newspaper BA, reported on BRGN’s success in the United Kingdom after several celebrities have worn our coats. Our sales to the UK have increased by four times compared to 2020.

This summer, the French influencer Emilie Daudin @emiliebrunette visited Norway. The influencer saw people wearing BRGN coats and asked around about the brand. This led her to our concept store at the railway station in Bergen, where she tried on coats and accessories while sharing on her Instagram profile to over 150.000 followers. The ball started rolling, BRGN doubled our Instagram-following on 24 hours, and has since sold coats for over a hundred thousand Norwegian Kroners to France alone.

Emilie Daudin

From @emiliebrunette's Instagram: She is wearing Yr Coat in Camel.

Future plans

Ros-Mari also speaks about us being interviewed by The New York Times last week, with the subject of dressing well in typical Norwegian weather conditions. What the future brings for the brand, you will have to stay tuned to find out, but we know BRGN coats will cover the needs of people in several countries especially in Northern Europe.

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