Another step towards a more sustainable company

BRGN Monsun Coat in New Black

Being a sustainable company has always been one of our main goals, and in 2022 we are stepping up our game. When you are buying a BRGN product we want you to feel confident that you are buying from a sustainable company that has the same values as you.


The first step we are taking this year is switching the tiny bags that are inside your new BRGN coat with a more sustainable option. You can read more about what impact this makes and why we are doing this further down in the blog post.

In 2021 we started a collaboration with Repairable - a company that specializes in fixing outdoor wear. The collaboration is making it easier for our customers to repair their old coat instead of buying a new one. We have also focused on educating our followers and costumers in product care. Caring for your products will make them last longer and save the environment by lowering over consumption.

In 2021 Geneva Environment Network among other medias published several stories naming the clothing industry as one of the worst industries regarding pollution. We understand that we are a part of this industry. However, we want to ensure you that we are doing all we can to lower our climate impact on the world. Our goal is to deliver sustainable products and make clothing that will last for years to come.



As mentioned, our first step in 2022 is to switch out our micro-pak. These are the little bags you get inside your new coat or shoes that help protect the product from moisture. 

The Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft is a plastic free desiccant made from natural bentonite clay that is packaged in biodegradable FSC-certified Kraft Paper. It keeps our clothing moisture free and is since it is biodegradable you can throw it away without a bad conscience.

Switching micro-bags may seem like a small step. However, last year we sold over 1 400 products – meaning that a large amount most likely ended up in a landfill. Since the new bags are biodegradable it causes no damage to the environment if it ends up in a landfill, and therefore making our carbon footprint smaller.

Read more about how BRGN works with sustainability here.

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