Easter Rain & Rhymes

Easter Rain & Rhymes

Happy Easter! 

This time of year always marks the transition from winter to spring, from cold to warm. In Norway, images of skiers wearing only t-shirts in melting snow are iconic. Although it may not be possible to escape the city, temperamental weather is one thing we can always count on. So, here is a bit of fun. There is a lot of rhyming mythology around this time of year from saying “ash before oak, in for a soak; oak before ash, in for a splash” and “April showers bring May flowers.” Why is this period so defined by the pouring or not-pouring of rain, and how can we help?

The first rhyme determines how wet our summer will be. If the oak leaves come before the ash, we are only in for a small splash of rain over the summer. However, if the ash leaf buds arrive first, then a soaking wet summer is guaranteed. Over time, people started noting that the blooming of these two beautiful trees changed intermittently. They married the warmth and dryness of their summer to the bud or leaf they noticed first, hence, the legend. Sadly, this has not proven to be true and the rain in summer has proved itself completely independent of ash and oak.   

The second rhyme is more straight-forward. We want rain in April so we have beautiful flowers in May ready for Norway’s national day, the celebration that comes just before summer-vibes. Over the years we have come up with a huge amount of theories to predict the weather or understand nature's logic behind ensuring we are rained on a huge majority of the time. However, at BRGN, we work with the assumption that it is going to rain constantly, and therefore, we need to stay dry and look good. Our spring colours, Navy Bouclé and Light Blue Sky can jazz up any easter outfit and can be worn on your easter egg hunt, hike or shopping trip: rain or shine, regardless of the rhyme! 

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