Going to a colder place this Christmas?

Going to a colder place this Christmas?

Here in Norway we travel to our cabins to ensure that we get cold weather and snow on Christmas Eve. Most of us head up into the mountains or further up north, where the degrees can vary from 0°C to -20°C. 

When going to a colder place during Christmas it is important to pack good clothing such as wool, thick coats and waterproof accessories. We want to highlight some of our products that works well in the cold. 

Wool Collection

This autumn we released our own wool collection that was designed to keep you warm underneath your BRGN coat when the degrees drops below 0°C. 

We have designed 3 products for your upper body; a halfzip sweater, a roundneck sweater and a blazer. They are all made of a soft merino wool and organic cotton blend.

Warmer coats

Our Regn coat, with soft 100 gsm insulation, will keep you warm when temperature drops. It will of course also keep you dry and stylish whichever outfit you choose.


For men we have our sleek and practical Sludd Coat. With 80 gsm Insulation Sludd will keep you warm during the colder evenings. 

Waterproof Accessories 

Wouldn't it be awful if you showed up at Christmas Eve with wet gifts? 

The answer is yes, but luckily we have something that will prevent that. Our waterproof bags and backpacks will keep them dry and in one piece. 

So now you don´t have to worry when you have to put the bag down in the wet snow for a couple of minutes, your gifts will be safe! 

Our backpack is perfect for packing your holiday outfits and toiletry bags, our smaller backpack has a volume of 10 liters and our larger backpack has a volume of 18 liters. 

Our shopper bag is perfect to pack all your Christmas gifts in when travelling to your cabin, or to hold all your gifts when you are out Christmas shopping. If you want a smaller option to bring as your carry on when travelling our shoulder bag is a great option. 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and remember to pack a lot of warm clothing if you are headed somewhere cold. 

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