The Autumn Collection

The Autumn Collection

The summer is coming to an end and the autumn news has finally started to arrive in our store and webshop. We are super excited to show you our new collection, and what we have been working on the past year.

We have not received all of the autumn news yet, so you have a lot to look forward to. However, we have received all the new raincoats for women and jackets in our autumn colour camel.

So let's introduce you to the new raincoats:



Tyfon Coat

Tyfon coat has an oversized fit and comes with a cape and hidden hood in the collar as all our coats. This is a coat that makes an impression on everyone. It will keep you dry from head to toe, stylish and comfortable. 

The wide raglan sleeves give extra room for a knitted sweater underneath for those colder days. You will never have to compromise your style with a raincoat from BRGN. 

It comes in the colours green tweed, black tweed and camel tweed

Kuling Poncho

Kuling is a shorter version of our bestseller Bris Poncho. The tunnelled belt allows you to give a feminin touch to the traditional poncho. It comes in the colour black and camel, and it is as perfect for everyday use that it is for dressing up. 

It is waterproof at 20.000, as all our coats are. This means it is 100% waterproof and can withstand being sprayed down with a water hose for hours. So heavy rain is not a challenge for the Kuling Poncho. 

The autumn colour

Camel is this autumn colour. In addition to our newcomers, Tyfon and Kuling, our bestselling design has also arrived in camel. These are: 

The beautiful and versatile camel colour is a shade that lies in natural camel hair. This colour scheme belongs to the beige colour family, but it differs slightly from the traditional beige tone - it is closer to sand.

What can you combine the camel colure with? 

Due to its versatility, this unique colour scheme can coexist with both light and muted shades from different colour choices. In addition, like many other tones, it is easily combined with universal tones. So in other words, you can combine everything with camel. So you dont have to change your autumn wardrobe to find clothing that fits your new jacket. 

THE REST OF THE AUTUMN / WINTER COLLECTION 21 WILL ARRIVE IN AUGUST and there's a lot to look forward to. The next drop includes new men styles, accessories and footwear. 


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