Brand New Boots! 

Waterproof handmade Leather BRGN boots

Welcome back Chelsea, old and new...

We have some incredibly exciting news, guess who’s back? It’s Chelsea, but this time they have a new, improved spring/summer vibe as they are slightly shorter. Yes, we are delighted to introduce you to our Short Chelsea Boot. Just as waterproof, just as easy to pop on and off and perfect for warmer days and less deep puddles! 

Who Else..?

As well as the new, we have our classic Chelsea back in stock! You don’t need us to describe them again, quick! Grab them while you can.

How to care for your boots

We want your Chelsea to last as long as possible, so here are a few tips for looking after your boots. 

  • The boots are made from real leather, and even though they are waterproof, treating the leather with Nikwax or other suede treatment will ensure they see you through the years.
  • If you get your boots dirty, wait for them to dry and brush the dirt away.

Repair service

We have now taken one more step towards our sustainable goals by offering a repair service. This is important because it discourages replacing an item and focuses on fixing what you already have. We are collaborating with a certified repairer that can fix everything from buttons that have fallen off, zips that need replacing, holes or rips that need sewing and resealing and changes to the lining. As for boots, they can repair both soles and holes in leather.

Contact our sales team for more information!

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