Where can I buy BRGN Chelsea Boots?

Where can I buy BRGN Chelsea Boots?

This is the question you all are asking, and understandably. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands (or feet) on these gorgeous and waterproof leather boots?

We launched Chelsea Boot this autumn, and you have gone totally crazy over these babies. At launch the boots sold out in just two days, therefore we rushed to get some more. As you might know, they are hand made in Europe and it takes time to produce new ones.

This week Chelsea got back in stock at www.BRGN.com, and again you threw yourself over them. We cannot tell you how grateful we are that you love these boots as much as we do! The black ones were gone in just a few hours…

 BRGN Chelsea Boots on model

Where to buy Chelsea Boots this winter?

We still have some more boots here at our website, especially in the colour tan. If this is the ones you are looking for, you can stop your search here.

For those who would like to buy them in stores, here is a list over which stores purchased the boots. Delivery is expected to be by the end of this week (week 44), or early next week (week 45). Please mind that the colour and sizing might vary from store to store. If you are wondering if your size is in stock, contact the stores directly.



Høyer Skien

Høyer Storo


Mark & Brandy



Philippa Sartor

Philippa Åsane


So Stavanger

Stil Lagunen



Vakre Vene



You can use our Store Locator to find which store is closest to you. 


Caring for your Chelsea Boots

If you are lucky enough to already own a pair, we have created a guide on how to best care for your Chelsea Boots here.

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