Materials and features


Most of our jackets have a waterproof rating of 20.000mm. This means they can withstand heavy rain and even a high-pressure water hose. Jackets are considered waterproof under normal pressure when they are over 10.000mm. 


Our coats and jackets are all treated with ECO DWR treatment. DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent. It is the DWR treatment that keeps the outer layer of your fabric from getting soaked by precipitation. The treatment is meant to keep the fabric from becoming saturated with water which can make the fabric feel heavier, colder, and impacts its performance.

Taped seams
All our jackets have taped seams so that the water can not enter through the seams.


BRGN coats are made of 100% polyester. The reason we have chosen this particular fabric is because it lets out a smaller amount of carbon emission under production then other none synthetic fabrics. Polyester is also a more robust fabric, making it perfect for outwear and clothing that are designed to have long lifetime. 

One negative thing about polyester is that it lets out micro plastic when you wash it. To fight this problem we encourage all our costumers to use washing bags that prevent micro plastic to let into the ocean. We have written a page on how to reduce micro-waste during laundry, read it here.

All our coats are Blue sign certificates, you can read more about the certification and other measurements we take regarding sustainability here. 

Other features

There are also other features that make our jackets special and give them the quality that you deserve. These are:

YKK Zippers 
YKK zippers are made by a Japanese company, and they self-lubricate the more you use them. You'll notice that other brands of zippers become sticky and gritty over time. Not with YKK - They will feel more smooth, the more you use them.
Magnetic buttons

The magnetic buttons are there to make it easier to close the jacket and cover up the zipper so that water does not enter through there either.

The jackets can handle the wind just as good as water.
BRGN jackets are also made with a breathable membran to make them possible to wear regardless of the weather. The latest models are breathable 15.000, making them breathable enough to track up a mountain. So if you need to run for the bus or catch the train, we got you!
Hidden hood in collar
All of our jackets have a way of hiding or detaching the hood. So that you can go from casual to classy real quick.
Reflective trims 
In BRGN we wish to keep our customers visible in the dark to prohibit accidents. Therefore, we integrated the reflector into our products; all our coats have a reflective logo in the back and the waist-belts are reflective at the end-points.