When the 90s meet the future

When the 90s meet the future

Don’t you just love that cargo pants and chains are a thing again? For a youth of the 90s this is so much appreciated. I actually kind of love the 90s style - even though I swore on my life that I would never, ever wear Buffalo shoes again. Well..let’s put it this way; I’m obviously lucky to still be alive. If time has given me one fashion related lesson it is that never say never again.



When it come to trends everything goes in cycles. Fortunately, when a trend does return it often is with a few alterations. We remove certain things and combine the old trend with new stuff. In this outfit I feel like the BRIS PONCHO gives this 90s outfit such a cool, new vibe. The color, the design - it is just so innovative and takes this outfit straight into 2019. No one would look at this picture and wonder if it was taken in 1998. That could easily have been the case if I removed the jacket. Don’t you agree?



This outfit is one of my favorites right now. So comfy, but also so cool. As I have written in earlier posts; I’m a colorful gal. That does not mean that everything has to be neon. I love a toned down color scheme. When I first saw this light blue color on a piece of garment at BRGNs office I fell in love. That name; “Blue Haze”, doesn’t that just sound like something straight out of the future? I love that name.



Did you know that BRIS PONCHO is one of BRGNs best selling models? I’m one of the poncho-people, for sure. I love mine! The fact that it is just as cool either you are dressing up or just wearing your everyday favorites, like I am here, makes me love it even more. This is the kind of jacket that compliments your outfit no matter what you are wearing.



Love Julie




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